myComics v1.1 introduces a new way to upload files. As a result, the
site has been updated to reflect those changes.

Please make sure you update myComics to the latest version using iTunes or directly from your iPhone before you can proceed with your file transfers. You can now either use Jivaro (see below) or follow the instructions inside the application itself (Download section).


All your comics in your pocket is now possible !

Read all your comics on your iPhone or iPod Touch using the best-of-its-class reader.
myComics is a dynamique and interactive reader that lets you view your PDF, CBR, CBZ, RAR, ZIP files as the upcoming ZAVE format (introduced by Ave!Comics).

With myComics you can :

  • Search books by name.
  • Add ratings and find books by rating.
  • Easily access to the history of readings as well as the recently added items.
  • Easily transfer files on a remote iPhone if it is on the same WIFI network as the computer.

myComics allow you to send files to iPhone using the browser or using Jivaro (to upload and optimize all your files).

Upload and optimize your files with Jivaro (requires myComics 1.1 or later)

logo jivaro

Using Jivaro is the fastest way to make all your CBZ, CBR and ZIP comic archives readable on your iPhone and send them to myComics. This free application for Mac and Windows is very easy to use. Simply drop your files on it and let Jivaro do the rest.

Jivaro will both :

  • Optimize the image sizes for an optimal reading on iPhone or iPod touch (saving both time and battery life).
  • Upload your files in bulk to myComics.
  • A wifi connection is mandatory.

Download Jivaro with Mac OS or Windows:


Optimize and upload your files without Jivaro

An other way to upload files on your iPhone is simply to click on Browse button and choose the file to send. This way doesn't otpimize your files, so the iPhone or iPod will automatically do it. This will be slower than Jivaro application. If you have more than one file to upload, you should better use Jivaro.


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